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You will need the appropriate username and password to log in using any of these methods. Your username can be found in the Welcome Email that was sent to you when your account was initially setup. If you did not receive this or have lost the Welcome Email, please contact us at support@taonadesigns.com and we will be happy to resend this email.

Finding the Login Page for the Control Panel (cPanel and Billing Panel):

Logging In Through the Taona Designs Website The simplest method for finding the login to your Control panel is to go to log in with your username and password.

Logging In From Your Website

If your domain is live on our servers, you can access your control panel within any browser by typing
the following in your browser (replace "example.com" with your actual

domain name): http://example.com/cpanel/
Secure Login: https://example.com/securecontrolpanel

If your domain name is not yet live on our servers either because the DNS has not fully propagated or because the transfer had not been completed, you will be unable to log in using this method. Logging In Securely

If you need to log in to your box securely, you can use the following URL:
Secure Login: https://nomfundo.taonadesigns.com:2083

Note: you must replace the # with your actual Taonadesigns server number found in the section of your cpanel on the leftside. For more information about logging in securely, please check out our Secure Login article.

Problems Logging In

If you have any problems logging into the cPanel or Webmail, it is possible that port 2082, 2083, 2095 and/or 2096 are blocked on your LAN (Local Area Network) by a firewall or a router or both. As a workaround (using standard http port 80) you may login via http://login.Taonadesigns.com using your username and password. Logging into cPanel via login.Taonadesigns.com will give you access to most tools in the cPanel however a few items such as phpMyAdmin will not work when using login.Taonadesigns.com. If you would like to find out which ports are being blocked, please Checkout our firewall tester. Ports which are blocked will display a broken image instead of the green image.